BBC英语一分钟: must 和 have to的用法区别

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BBC Learning English in A Minute一分钟英语节目,今天我们来探讨一下must和have to二者之间的区别。

Must vs Have to

must 和 have to的用法区别

Hi, this is Kee from BBC Learning English. Today, I'm going to tell you the differences between must and have to.

大家好!我是BBC英语学习的基.今天我们来探讨一下must和have to二者之间的区别。

Both must and have to talk about obligations. However!


Now, we use have to when we talk about obligations others decide for us. It's a law or a rule, so it cannot be changed. For example: At BBC, we have to show our passes to enter the building. This is a rule decided by the BBC.

用于描述他人为我们安排好的某种责任义务时用have to. 这是一种法律法规,不能加以改变。例如:进入BBC大楼要出示工作证。这是BBC制定的规定。

On the other hand, we use must when we talk about obligations we decide for ourselves or others。 For example, my boss might say to me: You must be more organised。 Or, I might say to myself: I must exercise more often。


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