野火继续肆虐亚马逊地区 世界领导人呼吁采取行动

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Wildfires Continue Scorching the Amazon Region; World Leaders Call for Action

野火继续肆虐亚马逊地区 世界领导人呼吁采取行动

Saturday in Brazil, troops in the Amazon fight for the future of the blazing rainforest。 Planes dropped much-needed water on a region, with six states now asking for military help。 Wildfires continue burning large areas of the Amazon at record pace。 Flames choked the life out of trees, animals in the area over much of South America captured in these images from NASA satellites。 "These kinds of things happen here every year。 We just unable to tell who is responsible, but it's the same thing every year and nobody is punished。 Environmental groups and researchers say loggers and cattle ranchers likely started the fires to clear and use the land for business。 Brazil's president Jair Bolsonaro has his own theory as to who bears the blame。 "In my understanding, there's a strong suspicion that it could be the people from NGOs because they lost funding from the federal government。 "


Bolsonaro, despite deploying the military, insists that the fires are no worse than other years. Not so says Brazil's space agency. Researchers registered nearly 73 thousand fires so far in 2019 and 80 percent jumped from last year. More than half of those fires are in the Amazon region. Some world leaders shared their concerns on Twitter and French President Emmanuel Macron who was attending the G7 meeting in France pledged his country's support in the firefight.


The Amazon is our common good。 We are all concerned。 First, we need to help Brazil put down these fires and then need to invest reforestation and allow local inhabitants and NGO workers develop activities that will preserve those forests that we all need because it is a treasure of our bio-diversity and our climate。 The Amazon rainforest provides 20 percent of the world's oxygen while absorbing much of our carbon dioxide。 Academics and environmental groups warned that losing the forests likely means losing the battle against climate change。


E时彩开户Arash Arabasadi VOA news Washington.


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